Posted March 15, 2006 by Andrea Loathsome
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Due to popular demand we’ve increased our rane of selecta toys (lovely wooden painted toys from Germany) – These went really well on our Market Stall and the site so we’re hoping for big things from them.

Trying to decide if the John Crane range is worth expanding – they annoyed us before christmas by shipping most stuff off to Boots who decided to be a toy shop for 6 weeks😦

 Still Christmas is a long way away so maybe one more chance for them.

Another Weekend

Posted March 13, 2006 by Andrea Loathsome
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Hopefully our last quiet weekend as we’re getting a lot more lines in now.  Spending much more money than we’re earning but I suppose you have to speculate to accumulate so here goes.

Excited about adding Geomag – finally a distributor clued up for on-line retailers and we’re getting some new lines in from germany in the next couple of days so it looks like I’ve got a busy few nights adding all this stuff to the site.


Hello world!

Posted March 11, 2006 by Andrea Loathsome
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Welcome to the Laughing Bear Blog – life in the scary world of E Commerce


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